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The Daily Body and Mind Boost


B.A.M. TV is an interactive activity show that teaches kids how to find their inner superhero... by keeping fit and healthy!

From sports pro-tips to masterful mindfulness; stretching techniques to tasty nutrition; and emotional self-mastery to strategic life skills - our adventure-based episodes encourage little superheroes around the world to join in and play along. Whether you’re at home, in the classroom, in the park or on the beach, there’s always time for a BAM-tastic adventure!


that's you!

Our viewers -- the Super Kids -- are joined by Coach Ryan, who uses his super skills to solve riddles, tackle problems and discover incredible new sporting superpowers!

Kids with Capes
Ninja Warrior Thumb.png


time to put on your pretend cap and dive in

In every episode, Coach Ryan’s living room transforms into a brand new adventurescape: they’ll go deep under the sea, fly through spaghetti-space, trek across Snowmanland, go spelunking through Spelunkville… and much more!


mango tango?

With the help of loyal friends such as Bammy (the cheerful robot), Ronnie (the energetic Rhino), Karma (the creative and wise chameleon), and Droney (the surprise-delivery drone), Coach Ryan and the Super Kids will supercharge their bodies and minds until they’re more energized than a motivated mango doing the tango!

k and r 4.png


Viewers can tune in anytime, and every episode comes with indoor-friendly equipment suggestions -- like using balled-up socks for balls, couch cushions for obstacles, and laundry baskets for nets!

B.A.M. TV is an inclusive, engaging and educational show that helps kids and parents to integrate health and fitness into their daily lives, all while discovering the magic within!

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